Prepping Your Posts for FB & Twitter

This is subjective, may or may not be necessary, but in any event, will be a one-time effort. That said, little tweaks can make a big difference because on social media, the title and description often need to be more tantalizing to catch people’s attention.

TIME: 0 to 7 minutes

1.) Click the FB icon on your post (lower L image). Like how it looks (lower R image)?


2.) To tweak it, navigate to your content on Bindu. Log in (if you are not). Click Edit Post.

Scroll down to the ‘Yoast SEO Premium’ section. The screen below shows the SEO meta title in blue and meta description underneath it. (For already published posts, don’t touch this meta information. For pending posts, see SEO.)

Click the circled icon to get this Facebook and Twitter preview screen.

If you do nothing, as is the case here, the FB and Twitter title and descriptions will pull directly from the default meta title and description. BUT for social media, the title and description often need to be more tantalizing to catch people’s attention. Change them in the ‘Facebook title’ and ‘Facebook description’ boxes. Be sure that the information in both fields is not too repetitive. These are prime pieces of real estate, the things that get people to click through to your post.

*Offer enough to pique curiosity but not too much that readers assume they know what’s in your post. Pay attention to what posts YOU click through on social, and what made you click through. What caught your attention?

FYI: You can customize the image that appears on FB (and Twitter) but it’s rare that you’d do so. By default, the image that appears on FB (and Twitter) is the one you’ve chosen as your featured image.

UPDATE your changes.

3.) Check how it appears on FB using this tool. (Check how it appears on Twitter using this tool.)

on FB, paste in the URL. Click Debug. Fetch new information (if that directive pops up).

If it doesn’t look the way you want, fix it in WordPress. UPDATE. Then click ‘Scrape Again.’ (Sometimes you have to click ‘scrape again’ a few times for it to ‘take.’

Then go forth and SHARE your post with abandon 🙂

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