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Small things add up. Below are easy strategies and tactics to bring greater visibility to your Bindu content, the website at-large, and all your professional content.

Email Signature (… how many emails do you send a week?)

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About Bindu Trips

If you need a blurb about who we are and what we’re doing, check the footer: use anything on Our Story and in the Press Room (i.e. the kitchen-sink ‘reveal release’).

Bindu Trips is a vibrant collective of travel writers, authors, journalists and photographers who have spent years immersed in their destinations. With more than 150 veteran travel writers covering 400+ destinations around the world, Bindu Trips is a one-stop resource for travel itineraries to suit every traveler’s interests and tastes. Bindu Trips focuses on the important details that help travelers get the ideal travel experience in the time and budget they have, while allowing travelers to pick-and-choose the kinds of experiences they want from an extensive library of curated trip recommendations.


Post links to your work on Bindu on your websites, Instagram, Twitter profile, FB page, bio for other articles you write, etc…

Template for Local PR

While much of our focus is on social/digital marketing, there’s still huge opportunity with traditional marketing/PR to media outlets. Many of you have extensive contacts to other travel journalists and media outlets, and you could give thought to relevant angles or “hooks” to tie into things these outlets are writing about. A few examples include:

Seasonality: Is your destination popular during a particular holiday? Do you have a series of itineraries for summer travel in a specific region? Journalists are always looking for ways to highlight seasonal content that represent big travel times.

Topical / Trending: Are there specific hooks in the news or pop culture that tie into your destination or content?

Credibility / AU Interviews: Pitches could also take the form of interviewing you as an expert to a specific destination. In this instance, you could reformat some of your itinerary content into a narrative piece about “budget travel in X destination” or “traveling with kids during the busy summer travel season,” etc. It will be especially impactful if you have a few other author voices who are also travel experts to add richness and context to the post.

There are many other pitch opportunities. If you have ideas, questions or other thoughts, let’s talk about them.

Sample Messaging for Different Demographics

• Research shows that you need a vacation. Start here.
• You’ve worked, it’s now time to play. Start here. Trip planning made easy.
• It’s the journey; discover unique experiences.
• Get instant access to diverse trip ideas with this free trip planner.
• Get inspired with customizable itineraries and experience the offbeat.
• With the touch of a button get 100s of free trip ideas.
• Get to the fun part faster: travel with these free itineraries.
• Find your ideal trip, experience the globe.
• Sometimes it’s the journey and the destination. Try these trip ideas to make the journey easy.

• Travel, as you like it.
• It’s your time off, make the most of it.
• DIY itineraries for you, from a world-class collection of travel writers.
• Travel made easy, with tried-and-tested itineraries.
• Save time and money with these curated trip ideas.

• Try something new on your next trip: itineraries for every season and reason.
• Imagine yourself on your next trip. Start here.
• Expert travel itineraries to get the best experience for your time and money.
• Discover free itineraries from experts who’ve been there and done that.
• No matter your interest, budget, time frame, or season… Find great itineraries here.

— Travelers interested in getting the best experience for their time and money.
— An authoritative voice in travel that’s created the best trip – tried and tested.
— From last minute getaways to weeklong adventures.
— Go away … often, easily.
— Imagine if you travelled to a new place.
— Depth and breadth of content.
— Daydreaming the infinite possibility of travel with easy-to-follow itineraries.
— Research shows that travelers plan most often by formulating an itinerary. Try ours.

This TXT file has all the phrases above: BinduTrips Marketing Messages

Sample Facebook Posts & Tweets

We’ve shared a few sample social media posts on the Facebook and Twitter tutorial pages. Check both for inspiration and language that will help you share your great content with the world.

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