Instagram (IG) is primarily a platform for inspiration. It is not the best platform for driving traffic back to your content on But it’s a beloved place for discovery. Travelers search #destination looking for inspiration for trip planning. So let’s inform users about our content through effective captions, hashtags, and tagging others.


Best times are Monday and Thursday at 2am, 8-9am, 5pm (NOT 3-4 p.m.) — for the time zone of your target audience.

On Sunday, there’s less posting which means there’s more chance your images will be seen.

Consistency is primo! Two posts a day are ideal, according to IG … although if you can only do one, do one.

Hootsuite is the only third-party platform that allows scheduling.


1.) Choose an aesthetically pleasing photo (that looks good square). Bad photos do poorly on IG. Check out other travel/itinerary Instagram accounts (like @lonelyplanet) to understand photo composition and what gets a lot of likes and comments.

2.) Crop the photo and use IG filters but don’t overdo it. IG users are more drawn to the Mayfair filter than others. Applying the same filter to every image creates a cohesive account. Adjust the strength of the filter if it’s too strong for your photo.

3.) Write a caption with one or two short and informative sentences to grab the attention of readers, something witty and engaging. We are rather partial to emojis: ???? ???? ???????? ???? ????.

4.) If your caption has more than one paragraph, hit ‘return’ and add a period on the next line and hit ‘return’ again to begin the next paragraph. This trick makes captions easier to read.

5.) If your image features an itinerary, mention the name of it and, on a separate line, write: Link in profile ???? to try to get people to (See how we do it at BinduTrips.) Consider using the link to your destination page in your bio if driving traffic is your primary name.

6.) Add photo credit if it is not your photo.

7.) List hashtags. (See hashtag section below for tips and pointers.)

8.) Tag DMOs right on the photo.

9.) Research local Instagramers (i.e. @igersrome) working in your destination and tag them, which brings more attention to your photo.

10.) Add the destination location.

11.) POST.

12.) Immediately after posting, engage with other accounts using the hashtags you used. Like and comment on their photos, so they will notice your photo. Posts that have more immediate traction tend to do better than others.

13.) Add your itinerary or destination link in your profile.


IG recommends using three hashtags but you can use as many as 30 in a single post. Overuse of hashtags can cause your account to be blacklisted and thus not show up in other feeds. Some hashtags are completely banned; using them prevents your post from showing up in feeds. (An updated list is found here). Rotate the hashtags you use. 

Always use #your_destination_name (e.g. #SanFrancisco or #Portland) and regionally specific hashtags (e.g. #PDX and #keepportlandweird or #thebay). 

Ideas to get you started — but remember don’t use them all at once and rotate them => 

#bindutrips #aroundtheworld #exploretheworld #fun #getaway #globetrotter #holiday #instagood #instatrip #instatravel #instatraveling #instago #igtravel #instapassport #itineraries #mytravelgram #photography #photooftheday #tourism #tourist #travel #trip #trips #travelgram #traveling #travelling #travelingram #traveladdict #travelphotography #travelphoto #wanderlust #vacation #vacations #visiting


Identify some influencer accounts for your destination. Click on who they are following, and who’s following them. But do not simply follow both sets of accounts crazily. Click through to quickly analyze those accounts. What do they post? Are they likely to follow you back? This will also give you a better understanding of your target audience.

Following others helps them discover your account — but it’s the content that wins you followers at the end of the day.


Stay tuned.


It used to be that garnering a lot of ‘likes’ would help your post get seen by more people. Now IG is prioritizing posts that have comments with four or more words. Commenting is the new liking 🙂


Follow your colleagues and comment on their posts — so they will do the same.

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