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Social Media Marketing: What & How =>

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Prepping Your Posts for FB & Twitter

Twitter (Best practices for sharing and growing your account)

Instagram (Best practices for growing your account)

LinkedIn (An under utilized platform for sharing your content)

Other Marketing 

1.) New Author Primer (PDF): BinduTrips-NewAuthorPrimer
–What we’re all building here.

2.) Author Contract (PDF): BinduMedia_BinduTrips_ContentLicense
–Initial the bottom of each page and sign the last page.
–Email JPGs/PDFs to [email protected]

3.) WordPress Authoring How To (PDF): BinduTripsAuthoring-WordPress-WPE
–Even if you think you know WP, please print this out and follow it in a linear fashion the first time you write a destination, itinerary or POI (Point of Interest). There are many ways to do the same thing on WP; we’ve outlined the best/fastest/easiest to understand ways for the majority of people.


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